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We are extremely grateful to Virtual Clarity for their continued support of our work. Virtual Clarity have supported Project Turn-Over UK from the first conception. CEO Steve Peskin met Project Turn-Over Founder, Joeri Peperkamp in 2018 and wanted to support his existing work in Holland. Joeri has run an amazing project for over 7 years with over 80% success rate where participants have not re-offended, have gone back to school or have got a job. His amazing work has influenced and changed so many lives. We have started the same work in the UK and have already had some great success. 

100% of your donation will benefit young people 'at risk' of exclusion, going to prison, on ROTL (Released On Temporary Licence) who are currently in prison and help them TAKE CONTROL of their lives. 

A recent message from one of our young men who was recently released: 

I can’t ever express my feelings for the help I got from you. I stopped believing in myself. But you guys never stopped believing in me. That’s why I started believing in myself. Thank you guys for being such a nice family. Your guidance has been invaluable and I hope to see you all again very soon. 

Thanks again

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