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Do you want to turn your life around?

We support you to make life changes

Although our course is rugby based, rugby and it's core values is only the vehicle that drives our programme's success. You do not need to have any experience playing rugby or any sport to benefit from our programme, however physical activity and especially team sports can bring you amazing benefits. A belief in yourself, fitter body and mind, life long friends and job opportunities are just some of the benefits. We want that for you. If you have made some bad mistakes or need to make some changes in your life, this programme is for you! 


Phase 1


You will start with your personal game plan booklet to identify your goals, triggers, issues. You will be challenged physically and mentally three days a week. On-site meals are included and you will have a chance to cook, prepare and eat with your group. You will be coached on all the aspects of rugby, but physical activity will also include gym, PT sessions, boxing, football and other forms of fitness. In addition, we invite a host of special guest volunteers to assist you on your journey.


Phase 2


You have achieved (part of) your goals. Perhaps you are already ready to go back to school or to work. During Rebuild you will still receive intensive personal supervision from our team.


Phase 3


After the process you will have the skills to take full control of your life. You may be going back to school or to work, however we are still there to support you. As a TurnOver Legend you remain part of our family.

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