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An Introduction to our Key Volunteers

We are hugely indebted to the team of amazing volunteers who give of their time to the participants on our courses. These incredible people allow us to deliver a more diverse and greatly beneficial programme to those attending. 

If you or your business would like to get involved and help us, please do get in touch with Steve Leach,

Jake O'Leary 
Jake has volunteered a huge amount of hours to Project Turn-Over, not only did he volunteer 7 full days of summer camp coaching, Jake has volunteered on every day of our current Cohort 3 with NEET boys either currently excluded or at risk of exclusion. Jake gives so much of his time and energy in delivering great sessions to the boys as well as personal talks and mentoring assistance. We are hugely appreciative of his amazing help and support of Project Turn-Over


Garvin Snell
Garvin came to our attention after seeing his YouTube clip about knife crime He runs No Shame In Running a not for profit organisation and the local Youth Centre. Garvin has delivered motivational talks and Boxing Classes for us and has been involved since the first week of Cohort 1. He has also visited the Dutch programme with Roger Roberts, Trustee. Joeri is in discussions with him to see if we can replicate the Dutch “safe house” programme in our community and we are also hopeful of a combined weekday evening initiative to engage us further in the local community.


Nigel Taylor
Nigel owns Co Pro Limited a company that looks at the physical and mental wellbeing of employees in the workplace. He is also a former Staines player, personal trainer and Rugby Coach. Nigel has used his skill set to help us deliver some great sessions on business and personal goal planning. One of the most engaged sessions we ran with Cohort 1 was his dragons den business/presentation session. We gave the participants some time over the festive break to come up with business or personal plans and to then present them in the first week back. Nigel then gave valuable feedback on presentation and asked some probing questions to get the boys thinking about the plans in more depth.

Leah Harris
Leah is a personal trainer, dance teacher and GB Qualified Gymnastics instructor. She has been involved with us from the first week of cohort 1 and delivers our fitness Friday sessions. She has also given the boys, who were interested, programmes for them to follow in their cells. Leah is keen to continue when we get back up and running and is already thinking about ways she can deliver to a bigger class size.

Michael Hobson
Michael is a lecturer at St Marys University, he has been with us almost from the start of cohort 1 and offers mentoring to a couple of the boys on each cohort. He has also been a great link for us to talk with the wider faculty at St Marys, and has facilitated us to present TurnOver to 2 classes of 1st year students and introduced us to the coaching team for the Rugby side. Michael sees a great future in the partnership between St Marys and TurnOver and is keen to continue his mentoring once we are back up and running.

St Marys RFC
James Brooks, Uni coach, supplied 20 players for a training session to help our course participants to be match ready for the End Game, we will be building on this relationship going forward. The session also involved a meal which our participants set out and was an integral part of the TurnOver boys 'integration into society' programme. A really great addition to the programme. 

Raef Murphy
Raef has been a great asset to us through taking time to come join the lads on the course and also bringing down friends to help with the training sessions to beef up the squad numbers in Cohort 1. Raef has fantastic energy and the boys loved his involvement. Played his part in the End Game and always has a smile on his face.


James White
James has worked in Holland at Project Turn-Over and joins our UK programme to help out when time allows between his Criminalogy University course. James assists with playing matches and some training with and talking to the participants. 

Yorkshire Building Society
Have run one careers minds session so far and were due to run a second the week of lockdown starting. Local managers and the area manager are fully engaged to run either Money Minds or Careers Minds session on each Cohort depending on the age of our participants. We will also be able to apply for a small grant from their community pot now that we have a Charity number.

Hannah & Rupert – RFU
Rupert has delivered one coach development session with the boys on the course and we had planned in a second for cohort 2. The RFU local delivery team are fully engaged with us and love what we are doing. I am working with Hannah to see how we can get our course participants on to either the young match official programme or the coach development programme, there has been some legal issues on their part around how we can register the serving inmates and this work will continue once the RFU staff return to work.

James (JG) & James – Resilient Bodies
Both being rugby players they have played their part in running around on the pitch when numbers have been low. JG ran a kicking masterclass with Cohort 1 and James has been down and offered physio support when the boys have picked up knocks or have been suffering from fatigue from heavy gym sessions. JG is also a PT so some of the boys from Cohort 1 did a few heavy weights sessions with him.

Dante Sorhaindo – Spacehive, Football
From day one of the first cohort a couple of the boys asked if we would be doing any football. Dante had been introduced to us by the Model City group that we are part of as he runs some football camps in the local area. Dante came down a couple of time and ran sessions for us, chatted to the participants and joined us for lunch. 

Jay Atchinson
Jay is a current player and prison guard at Feltham YOI, he has been down and been part of the sessions on the pitch. He has also spent time out of uniform talking to the boys during lunch or at down periods in the programme.

Will & Lexi
Our local police community officers. They have suggested a few places in the local community where there are issues with behaviour. They have also been to the course in uniform and spent time talking to the boys. They have spoken highly of us to Met Police RFC and the coaches that are officers in our local community are also keen to be involved when we are back up and running.