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The effect of TurnOver

Sport works! Our 'family' are all happy to tell you why.

Stan - Participant
Stan Participant
“The crisis is over. I have learned to steer myself in a new direction and now I want to continue on this positive path.”

Stan is a participant in one of our TurnOver programs. He got into trouble during his final years of secondary education.

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Aschwien - individual counselor trajectory
Aschwien individual counselor trajectory
“I think it is important that we focus on the talents and strength of young people.”

'I support and help young people with their various requests and need of assistance. This is often in steering and guiding them towards education or paid work, support with debts, addiction or other problems.'

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Rodrigues - Participant
Rodrigues Participant
“Turn-Over is a great process to participate in. The combination of sport and development is perfect.”

Rodrigues is one of the participants of Turn-Over. He has a detention history and was for a long time under the assumption that his background would not have a promising future. He now realizes that he will come a long way with the right help and a little confidence.

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Stella - Probation worker Supervision and Interventions Stella - Probation worker Supervision and Interventions
Probation worker Supervision and Interventions

I mainly work with young adults and notice that this target group is often out of control. This is partly due to the lack of day care. If you have nothing to do and you have no income, you hang...

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Mohammed - Participant Mohammed - Participant

I came in here with drug and alcohol problems. Joeri and our trainer Lammert Ruiter taught me to look ahead. I could be myself and gained confidence.

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Participant's mother - Participant's mother -
Participant's mother

The trajectory has ensured that he eats healthily, that he has sufficient exercise and that he is standing with both feet on the ground.

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