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Supporting our youth

TurnOver offers personal youth assistance.

TurnOver helps young people to assist with their current situation to help give their lives a more positive direction. If you are at risk of being excluded, NEET, considering or have a drug or game addiction, a poor home situation, experiencing bullying. Does this sound like someone you know or is this you? Get in contact with our us!
Circumstances include students who:

  •   are difficult to have in school because of their behaviour and/or,

  •   have been absent from school too often and/or,

  •   are victims of bullying or abuse and/or,

  •   have learning difficulties and/or,

  •   have already been in contact with social & welfare services and/or,

  •   have already become entangled with police /judicial authorities

Trainer Lammert

"TurnOver is actually a small business club for youth care. We bring employers, municipalities and other bodies together."

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